RedSkull Has Been Re-born

iHasTechno Owner posted Jul 14, 15

Hey guys and girls,

I want to thank all of the players who have been with us from the start. RedSkull server has officically been re-born and I, as well as many others have high hopes for the server. Over the past week or so that we've been up we've squashed so many bugs, and added many new cool features, some of which I would like to higlight below.

- Spawn: our spawn has been updated to make it feel more inviting. We have designed a new shop (which can still be accessed using /shop) which we feel is the best for our server. 

- McMMO: all skills have a cap of 750, excluding Unarmed, which has a cap of 100. All abilities have been made balanced and fair, and the latest updates support UUIDs, 1.8 and fix many bugs.

- Voting: There are TONS of voting rewards. Do /rewards to see how many votes it takes to get special item bonuses. In addition... There is a 1 in 10 chance of getting $1000, and TNT, a 1 in 25 chance of getting a common key, and there is a 1 in 50 chance of getting a creeper egg and $5000. Keep voting guys!

- Crates: We have added 5 crates! The food crate is the most basic, a key can be purchased (/cr buy food #) for $250, and gives you a random assortment of food. The voter crate key is given twice when you vote daily at PlanetMinecraft, it gives you the chance win three random potions, and CANNOT be bought. The common crate key can be purchased (/cr buy common #) for $1000, you can win things like Obby, Diamonds, XP, TNT, access to /nick, $2500, and even a creeper egg! The last two crates are Donor Crates, and Uncommon Crates (which will both be added soon)

- Golden Apples: We have nerfed nothing! There is only a 120 second limit between the use of enchanted apples.

- Hoppers: You cannot craft hoppers, they can only be purchased at the shop. We have made it this way to make those with auto farms, spawners less OP.

Thank you to all of those who have made suggestions. As always, if you have suggestions don't hesitate to create a new thread in our Server Suggestions forum

- iHasTechno